( teenagers company / bkorpp / tom / good bit / teenstream )

My name is Alec Robbins and I make a lot of different stuff:

Burger King Official Role-Playing Podcast (or "BKORPP" for short) is a comedic actual-play role-playing podcast that I play with my friends Ronnie Dezsi, Jason Emmons, and Lauren Hoepner. You can find it anywhere you find podcasts.

Good Bit is an independent video game label whose debut game is Heartbreak High: A Break-Up Simulator. We also produce a live game show in Los Angeles, CA.

Teenstream Theater is an internet-based performance space where we stream films, video games, music, poetry, and anything else we can think of.

What If Tom Was One Of Us is a short 3-episode web series I wrote and directed about what if Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise got plastic surgery to become more like a "normal person."

The Teenagers Company is an art collective and independent video label. It's where I put films I make and where I host experimental web art made with friends and collaborators.

You can follow me on Twitter @alecrobbins if you'd like.