( teenstream / bkorpp / good bit / teenagers company )

My name is Alec Robbins. I work in the TV industry, mostly at Abso Lutely Productions.
On my own time, I make a lot of different stuff! Take a look:

Burger King Official Role-Playing Podcast (or "BKORPP" for short) is a comedic actual-play role-playing podcast that I play with my friends Ronnie Dezsi, Jason Emmons, and Lauren Hoepner. You can find it anywhere you find podcasts. It's one of my favorite things I get to make and be a part of!

Heartbreak High is a game I made about breaking up with everyone in your high school. It's an arcade-style spin on the classic Japanese dating sim genre. This is one of the best things I've made, if I'm being honest! I wrote, illustrated, and programmed the whole thing. It takes less than an hour to play and only costs $5. You can get it on Steam or It's also got a killer soundtrack by Ronnie Dezsi.

Teenstream Theater is an internet-based performance space where we stream curated videos 24/7, all by our friends and peers: films, music, poetry, games, home movies, and anything else we can think of. Sometimes we flip the switch and live-stream things like game shows, concerts, or readings.

What If Tom Was One Of Us is a short 3-episode web series I wrote and directed about what if Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise got plastic surgery to become more like a "normal person." The production values turned out really nice because we borrowed a camera from a big TV show, which I wasn't supposed to tell anyone. Whoops! I think it's something you might enjoy!

Giving Grief is a talk show where I brought on folks I admire and tried to get them to cry. Sometimes they tried to get me to cry. We only made five episodes, but one day I would like to do more of these!

Good Bit is an independent video game label - Heartbreak High was our first game. We also produce some game-related web shows like Super Property Bros. and a live game show in Los Angeles, CA.

The Teenagers Company is a loose art collective and independent video and zine label. It's where I put films I make and where I host experimental web art made with friends and collaborators.

You can follow me on Twitter @alecrobbins if you'd like.
I'm also available via e-mail at alec.s.robbins(at)gmail(dot)com.